Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online TPK: Kosi Plan Against Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see thapki asking toshi/ kosi to leave bauji’s chair and she writes her name on chair with knife and shows thapki. Bihaan comes and argues with them and thapki asks bihaan to go as they are not like them. Then the man asks thapki to learn how to talk then teach them, bihaan holds his collar and bauji comes asking bihaan to stop fighting. Then kosi asks bihaan to have food as he is angry due to hunger. Thapki and bihaan leave and bihaan collides with maid and water glass falls. He shouts on her and leaves. Then she touches the place where bihaan stood and smiles.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

There suman and preeti argues with maid shanta seeing her clothes in fridge but she doesn’t understand and argues, they leave. There bihaan and thapki make their sleeping arrangements in outside balcony and enters in a mosquito net due to mosquitos. They stares at each other and itni si baat hai….. plays.

Shraddha recalls her earlier beautiful looks and becomes sad saying that she was like a colorful movie heroine but now looks like old movie heroine and thinks to sleep just then maid shanta comes and sleeps on her bed. She gets shocked and asks her that why she come there and she tells her that kosi maa told her to sleep here but she will tell her that shradha asked her to leave, then she says that she is not afraid of anyone. Shanta saysthat she will sleep at ground in her room and shradha coughs from sheet dust and smells oil from pillow and leaves from there getting irritated. There thapki tries to make bihaan happy and jokes, laughs. He says that he is not in good mood and she is doing joke. he says that bauji is stopping him and he will find out why he is doing so.

Thapki stops bihaan but he goes. There bauji goes to meet kosi at night and asks her that why she came. She smiles and says that its good he came now and identified her at night. He asks her to go back as she will never get what she wants but she says she will get the thing for which she has come. Bihaan looks for bauji but not finds him anywhere and thapki stops him saying that they should not trouble buaji at night and he will do everything for their good.

Precap: we will see kosi tells the an that she will see thapki and he says that he started doing that work…..

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