Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th August 2016 Watch Written Episode: Naman Burns The Papers

The show starts and we see kosi is talking to bauji that she will take everything like a flood. And bauji goes, shradha sees him coming and hides her food plate thinking that if he sees me eating like this. Bauji asks her that why she ddint sleep yet and she says that she sleeps late and came to take water from here. Bauji says that he came to take something from his room and goes.

Then bauji thinks that kosi’s truth truth should not be known to anyone here else it will be big true. That amn nama tells the same thing to kosi and she says that she will take what she wants and asks him to do something to buy dhruv’s channel and says that they have to do some permanent cure of thapki and asks naman to do his work from tomorrow as they will trouble all there.

thapki pyaar ki

In the morning suman does not find water in washroom. She tells everyone that wine is coming from taps instead of water and preeti says the same and they all come downstairs and see naman preparing something and shanta/ sanskar getting wine bottles in a sack. Naman says where will they fill wine if bottles break. Then naman says its his business and bihaan says this is house.

Kosi says that this is their house and they can do anything, bihaan throws the wine drums and argues with him and threatens them to call police. Then kosi says that they have license of making wine so they cant do anything. Then thapki asks them to see atleast temple there in home, and kosi makes fun of her stammering and bihaan gets angry on her.

She says that why he married to stammering girl and offers him to taste wine and he throws the glass angrily. Bhaan asks bauji that why they are bearing them and asks him to let him call his men to throw them out of home. Then bauji and thapki calms him and bauji asks them to go out to manage channel reporter.

Thapki asks avinash that why the TRP of channel is going down and he says that it is much behind. then thapki gives her idea of taking interview as like dhruv on their channel to bring viewers back. And they all agrees. Bauji says to take radheyshyam’s interview as he knows him very well, He calls him and radheyshyam gets agree and thapki asks bihaan to take interview.

But he says that he cant take and all ask thapki to take it. Shradha drinks wine from tap and enjoys it, when suman and preeti comes they smells her and asks her but she denies saying that she drunk of thinking water. And says that she will put water to tulsi plant for repenting.

There sankara roasts the potatoes and offers to bihaan , he scolds her and she says they have locsense to make all this and he ask her to show it holding her hand. She smiles and says kosi denies to tell anyone where it is. Bihaan befools her and thapki and he goes to that place to search for it and kosi comes there and they both hides under bed.
Precap: we will see sankara collides with bihaan and he puts some papers in newspaper in her hand , naman burns it and doesn’t see liscense paper in it…..

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