Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th June 2016 Online Updates: Gorilla Points The Gun Towards Bihaan

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Yesterday in Thapki Pyaar Ki we saw that Dhruv called Shraddha and asked about her and Vasundhra. Shraddha replied that everything is fine here. Dadi was wandering for Thapki and Bihaan asked Shraddha to come home back as moving in zoo in this state is not good. She nods and Bihaan moved from there. Thapki and Bihaan met Vasundhra in the zoo.

Vasundhra asked about everyone else at home. Bihaan shows the peacock and took Thapki along with her. Thapki asked Bihaan about his plan. Bihaan replied that we have to make Bau ji and Maa met each other like they are meeting each other for the first time, he added that then Bau Ji’s love will come out. Bihaan said that we will bring icecream for them. They both moved from there. Vasundhra saw them both going. Everyone was taking pictures with animals.

thapki pyaar ki images

Bau Ji went to brought icecream but Bihaan stopped him. While on the other hand Thapki gave two softy icecreams to Vasundhra and asked that you have to eat them both.

Bau Ji came to Vasundhra. Bihaan and Thapki was observing them both. Bau Ji got a call and stopped. Kids went to Vasundhra and she gave icecreams to them. Bihaan asked Thapki and come and said we will start it again. Suman and Preeti was throwing stones on Gorilla. Thapki stopped them and asked not to do this. Gorilla saw Thapki. When Thapki came back and she was about to pick her phone. Gorilla vcame there and Thapki creams and she fainted. Bihaan came there and saved Thapki from Gorilla.

Tonight in Thapki Pyaar Ki we will see that Bihaan will get angry on Gorilla and will take the gun in his hand. Bau Ji will ask Bihaan not to shoot. Cylinder will fall down and it will catch fire. Bihaan’s gun will fall down and Gorilla will take it. Gorilla will point it to them all and everyone will get shocked. Keep watching the new twist of Gorilla in your loving show Thapki Pyaar Ki.

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