Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th June 2016: Thapki & Bihaan Decides To Leave House

thapki pyar ki

Last day in Thapki Pyaar Ki we saw that Gorilla threw the gas cylinders and holds Thapki. Bihaan aimed gun on Gorilla. Everyone was shocked to see this. Bau Ji and Sanjay asked Bihaan not to shoot as cylinder will catch fire. Sanjay tried to stop Bihaan and gun fell down. Gorilla took the gun and then everyone was stunned to see that what will happen now. Everyone asked Thapki to get away from Gorilla. Gorilla got angry.

Thapki calm down the Gorilla and said that no one will harm you, don’t worry. Thapki pretenda and injects herself. They all get shocked. Bihaan was worried for Thapki. Thapki and Gorilla fall down. Thapki faints and Gorilla saw her. Bihaan rushed to towards Thapki and took her in his arms while the zoo officers took Gorilla in net. Thapki said that I was pretending to get injected as she knew that Gorilla will imitate and the same he did.

thapki pyar ki

Sinha came for dinner and Shraddha served him Laddoos. Shraddha said that these are home made. Sinha Boss asked pointing towards Vasundhra that this maid made this. Sinha and Shraddha was shocked to hear this. Vasundhra gets sad and Boss said her to be a mde in this house.

Shraddha pretends to apologize and said that my dad’s boss didn’t let me tell anything. Now in tonight telecast of Thapki Pyaar Ki we will see that Thapki will say that Maa has gone from this house now. She will say that we all can’t stay here.

She will say that now even Bihaan and me will not stay here in this house. Everyone will get shocked to see this. Thapki and Bihaan will try a new plan to make Vasundhra come back in the house with same respect. Be in touch for more updates like this.

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