Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Dhruv Tell Everything To Bihaan

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show begins and bihaan is recalling thapki and dhruv and rests down to sleep . Shraddha goes to thapki and says sorry for being late then thapki says thanks to her as she helping her to save her and bihaans relations but shraddha says that she should thank her because she showed her right path when she was disturbed as dhruv gave her divorce papers and FB starts and we see shraddha is tearing the divorce paper in anger then thapki comes and asks her is she helping dhruv and shraddha says that he blackmails her even she supported him but as I know ‘thapki’ always wins and how did you lose then thapki replies just to save her life as dhruv has bet her life and shraddha gets shocked thinking dhruv can fall so low then thapki asks for support and tells an idea to do acting of killing her and FB ends.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Then shraddha asks thapki surprisingly that dhruv didn’t know that I was acting but still how did she know that he will come there and thapki replies that she knew after seeing torn divorce papers he will come surely. Then they both shows worry about their husbands and relations and promise each other to be positive and everything will get fine and they will get their love and husband back. On the other side goons go to diwakar and start beating him and his parents come and ask whats going on here then goons asks them to return 6 lakhs which diwkar took as loan otherwise they will kill him then Mishra comes and slaps him and asks that why he took loan then he replies that he gambled and lost money then Mishra says to her wife that he is useless person and says that we shall leave from here.

After sometime diwakar reads a news of a rich man’s son took cash from his home and ran away then he smiles thinking that he will also do the same. In the morning bihaan checks his phone and sees that one of his friends message of saying sorry he will not be able to attend his marriage as he is going to abroad. Then dhruv comes and says that thapki was saying that you don’t want to marry her please don’t do this and understand us till then thapki comes and asks what happened and bihaan leaves the room saying that he is telling the truth to family.

Bihaan comes in the hall where vasundhra is talking with suman and preeti about thapki and bihaan’s dresses, seeing bihaan vasu says to him to see his sherwani bihaan takes and throws it recalling dhruv’s words angrily, then vasu asks him that what he did, its the bad sign then bihaan says that he will not wear this because he was waiting for marriage but now….. till them thapki comes and says cutting his talk that bihaan there are rasams in marriage and you have to wait for it and he goes then thapki makes all understand that bihaan is bothered by these many rasams as he is very excited for marriage and can’t wait more.

Then thapki comes to bihaan and asks why did he went to tell family when she said to wait, he says why he cant go while thapki can share things with dhruv its ok if she cant tell, he will tell the truth to family and goes then dhruv comes and tries to wipe the tears of thapki but she warns to not to touch her then he says that he is felling sorry as he stopped her to tell the truth and says that she she cant do anything if bihaan goes away from her and you will become mine then and she says that he will get his answers very soon.

On the otherside bauji talks with vasu and asks that where is her attention now as she has made tea instead of kaada for maa, then she says sorry my attention is not here as I am worried about thapki and bihaan I think they fought and bihaan threw the sherwani angrily and they were looking looking each other with anger then bauji suggests an idea to get sort it out. On the other side suman sees some men enter taking oil containers and she asks that who ordered this then shradha comes and says that she ordered this as they will need oil in may rasams and purposes then she gets an oil container and goes to do her work but vasu stops her and shows doubt but shraddha clears things and vasu lets her go and thinks that she cant believe on shraddha just then she gets an courier and thinks dhruv’s bauji have ordered this and I have to do that what he said.

Then shradha and thapki pours oil on the floor and says that dhruv should not win this time and they see dhruv coming and hide. Dhruv sees thapki and asks her that what she is doing here preparing any surprise for bihaan or trick for him then suddenly dhruv hears the sound of oil box falling but thapki fools him and acts like she is on a call and talking about some items then dhruv thinks that thapki has planned something but at any other place and goes then shradha and thapki feels relieved.

On the other hand divakar sees the pic of dhruv and thapki at photo studio and gets shocked where he came to get his pic and he asks the photographer about that pic and he replies that dhruv has sent this to get it enlarge and for imported costly framing, then diwakar thinks that something is there which no one else know except me and dhruv and now I will blackmail him as he has a lot of money. Thapki plays a trick with dhruv and puts a letter with poison bottle in her cupboard and goes then dhruv comes there as expected by thapki and reads it and says that I wont let her win as she is trying to convince bihaan by emotionally blackmailing him.

Vasundhara says to bihaan and thapki that she has a gift for them and they will have to close their eyes and they close she handcuffs their hands and they ask whats this then all say that this lock has two keys we have the one and the second is somewhere in the house and you have to find it if you wanna be unlocked then dhruv and shradha also help them to find and thapki and bihaan find the key and manage to get free their hands and bihaan says thapki is very eager to get away from me so its better to tell the truth to family as early as possible and goes but thapki messages him to come in backyard if he ever loved her. Then shradha says to thapki that she should do hurry as before the family know about it and thapki says family is busy and bihaan will come surely. There dhruv plans to fail the plan of thapki as he puts laddoo instead of poison in the cupboard thinking bihaan will get angry after seeing these laddoos and laughs saying sorry thapki!!!

Bihaan goes to backyard and sees there is fire in the whole backyard and shradha and thapki both are standing on the different ends so that shradha is closer to fire than thapki he shouts and runs towards shradha and saves her after that he runs to thapki and saves her then thapki asks him that is shradha more important than her in life as he saved shradha before than her then he says no listen to me but thapki says that why should she listen when he didn’t listen her then he recalls her words and looks at her and thapki says cryingly that human acts as his situation and tahts why you saved shradha first and that why I saved dhruv it doesn’t mean that he has much value than you in my life but its ok you don’t believe me I am going to tell the family that bihaan doesnt wanna marry me and she slips while going and seeing her close to fire bihaan pulls her and holds her in his arms and they look into each other’s eyes and a song plays……….ranjhana…….

Precap: we will see that dhruv drags thapki to bihaan and says that he loves her a lot and tried a lot to separate you from each other as I cant see her with anyone else not even with bihaan and bihaan gets shocked………..

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