Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th August 2016 Episode Written Updates TPK Recap: Kosi Taunts Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see vasu scolding her four bahu, suman, preeti, shradha and thapki saying they couldn’t manage home well in her absence so outsiders came. She scolds shradha that why did she do drama of repenting, if she really wanted to repend so she would have pray for dhruv. She scolds thapki that she trusted her the most that’s why gave keys to her but she couldn’t handle her duties and vasu asks for keys. Thapki gives keys back and says that she took keys but dadi had the keys always.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Bihaan comes and tells her that bauji stopped him to do anything against those people, but vasu scolds him too that why he listened bauji this time when he left house for thapki against bauji once. She says that whatever happened but now she wont let them stay here. Thapki says to bihaan that its not his mistake, maa got angry on them coz she loves them. And she says that she didn’t feel bad of vasu’s words and asks him to see how maa will teach them lesson. He says she is best bahu as she has no objection with her saas and she says vasu is best saas and they smile.

Shradha feels hungry and sees plates in sink and washes a steel plate to have food. She sees written RR city on old utensils and says that kosi told this district to vasu. And she thinks that vasu is connected to kosi but how, she will have to find the truth. Bauji says vasu to not to get angry as the kids did what he told him to do. Then she holds the family pic and says it was not her anger its her fear of losing. As they lost their one son but not want to lose anyone else, and kosi came for this as he knows, but vasu says she will save her family at any cost. Thapki comes to her room and sees sankara applying her makeup and she stoops seeing her but thapki allows her to do. She recalls what kosi did and calls her Shankar, sankara says its sankar. Thapki makes her understand to fight for her right but she doesn’t understand and goes. Then she thinks that sankara doesn’t know her right and wrong and she will teach her that. Thapki sees vasu burning something and she stops her.

Vasu says that its right to do wrong things on right time and goes, bihaan looks on. Bihaan says that they will handle them with wrong way and she hugs him. Next morning shradha tries to find secrest from sankara but she is innocent and so she says that she will asks kosi. She goes to kosi and offers drink to her and kosi drinks it full bottle and shradha sks her about old relations and she twistes shradha’s ear and says that is she fool to tell her everything and shradha goes. Kosi thinks that when truth will come in front all will get shocked.

Precap: we will see kosi taunts thapki about her going out of home for office and man will handle home now……

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