Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th June 2016: Vasundhra Moves To Commite Suicide

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In the last episode of Thapki Pyar Ki we saw that Bihaan and Thapki was talking to vasundhra. The boss asked Vasundhra to sing lullaby. Vasundhra was unable to talk well. Shraddha asked Vasundhra to do this in order to save his father’s job. Vasundhra cries and sings lullaby with difficulty. She recalled Thapki.

Boss and his wife said that we must say Shraddha that your maid is good. Thapki came there and drops the glass, being shocked after hearing this from the boss. Shraddha was worried seeing Thapki and thought that now she will ruin all her plan. Thapki asked the boss whom you called maid ? Thapki said that Vasundhra is not a maid she is Balwinder Pandey’s wife and Shraddha’s mother-in-law Vasundhra Pandey. The boss and his wife was shocked hearing this.

thapki pyar ki images

Boss apologized and said that we were unaware of this. He said that Shraddha and Sinha could told this to us. They both left from there. Thapki holds Vasundhra and asked why are you doing this all ? Vasundhra was quite and Thapki scolds Shraddha. Vasundhra said with much difficulty that she is paying for all her bad acts. And she is paying for her sins.

Thapki goes home. Bihaan asked Bihaan about Vasundhra. Thapki recalled everything which she saw there but she hides it all from Bihaan.

Vasundhra will get tensed and will decide to leave this whole world. She will decide taht just because of her all the things has been ruined and there is nothing left for which she is living. Vasundhra will tie a cloth on her eyes and will go to commit suicide. Stay tuned with The News Recorder for more stuff like this. The story is moving with a lot of things but the thing which is awaited is how Vasundhra will get saved and how he will get the same place inside Pandey House.

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