Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st September 2016 Watch Today’s Written Episode: Story Till Now


In the last episode of Thapki Pyar ki, we had seen Kosi blackmailing Thapki and saying her to save Bihaan’s life. Thapki gets aimed and says that I have to save him at any cost. On the other side, Sharadha goes to John and tries to get close to him. Suman then takes Sharadha outside for the performance. They all the gathers and Thapki go on the stage. Thapki tells her feeling to Dadi. They all then perform and Thapki is worried for Bihaan.

She then dances with Vasundhra and reminds the video. She then goes to Kosi and says that I had lost now. She asks about Bihaan’s location. Kosi and Naman smiles. Thapki gives them the memory card and says to tell her about Bihaan now. Kosi smiles and says that did you think that I will give you your Bihaan so easily. She says that I need your Bihaan for my John. She then says that I will kill Bihaan and will save John so how. Thapki gets stunned at this.

thapkiNaman and Kosi smirk at her and breaks the memory chip. Kosi then tells her that she will not get change for anything. Thapki says that this time, I will get my Bihaan back. Kosi thinks on and says that you will never get succeed in this as your trust had to drop you down. Thapki says that this time my trust will win and she calls John there. John comes out and Kosi gets shocked.

John starts complaining to her and says that I can’t even believe that you are my mother. He then says that you just had proved that you are stone hard and I will gonna leave you right now. Kosi gets tensed at this and says that I just want your happiness. John didn’t hear her and leaves.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Thapki making Kosi understand and says that I will now get John well anyhow. Kosi asks her that did she really can help her. Thapki assures her and Kosi then went with her to get Bihaan. Now it will be interesting to see did Thapki gets able to change Kosi by her love. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Thapki Pyar Ki like this.

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