Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2016: Bau Ji Decides Thapki & Bihaan To Get Remarried

thapki pyaar ki

Last day in Thapki Pyar Ki we saw that Bihaan messaged Thapki and asked her to come in the room as there is some surprise for her. Bihaan surprised Thapki by showing her a pair of golden fishes. Thapki was happy to see that and said that they have made their own world of happiness.

Thapki and Bihaan had a romantic moment together. Shraddha kept brinjal in microwave for roasting and moved to Preeti and Suman to teach them a lesson. Shraddha then moved to kitchen and brinjal blasts. Shraddha faints. Thapki rushed to her and asked her to get up . Doctor came and said that this could be dangerous to her. Shraddha and Thapki asked how did this happen ? Bihaan came and said I will explain how this all happened and who did this ? He showed the green thread and said that blast happened because of this and not by anything else.

thapki pyaar ki

Bihaan said that its cracker thread and cracker powder was placed inside the brinjal so taht brinjal can get blast. Bau Ji and Vasundhra asked who can do this ? Bihaan said Shraddha did this because she wanted to kill Thapki. Shraddha denied of this. Vasundhra scolds Bihaan and asked how can Shraddha do this, she is pregnant. Doctor said that you might be mistaken Shraddha is not pregnant.

Everyone was shocked to hear this. Doctor said that I have done all the tests but she is not pregnant. Thapki recalled doubting on Shraddha and said that my doubt on you was correct. Thapki told Shraddha that I told you not to break family’s trust.

Tonight in Thapki Pyar Ki we will see that Bau Ji will say that I don’t want any question on Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage and thus I want both of them to get married again will all the rituals and customs. Stay tuned for more like this.

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