Thapki Pyaar ki 22nd September 2016 Episode: Sanskar Asks Kosi Did She Tried To Kill Bihaan

The Episode star Kosi was saying Naman to shut up his mouth and she confirms to Thapki that will john be alright. Thapki says we will try for sure and they went to get Bihan and warns to Naman not to say anything. Shraddha brings juice for John and asks him why is he packing his bag.

John throws medicines and angrily says I don’t want to live in this house. Kosi takes Thapki to get Bihan and Thapki get shocked to see Bihan. Kosi slaps Thapki and says what you think you will snatch my son and how can I live you husband now. Naman says now see your husband dying in front of you.

thapki-pyaar-kiThapki asks Bihan to open his eyes but Kosi says now he will unconscious and close his eyes forever. Goons lie him on the floor and Kosi Injects him and warns him that you have a half hour to save him.

They leave from there by saying that you are very smart now I’ll see how will save him and lock the door. Thapki worries and tries to wake him up Bihaan opens his eyes and says I’m dreaming Thapki Says no we will go to a hospital and you will be alright.

Thapki knocks the door and after all this, she breaks the window and makes him sit on a wheelchair. Anyhow, she takes him to hospital and doctor start treating him. Finally, he comes in conscious and asks what am I doing here. Doctors say someone gave you poison. Doctor says we have saved you just because of her.

Thapki Cries and bihaan recalls everything that goons attacked him and gave poison. Thapki says don’t think anything she takes him back to home. Everyone start asking what happened to him. Thapki says nothing some of the people tried to do bad but when the lord is with us nobody can do wrong.

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