Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates TPK Recap: Thapki Shows Locket To Vasundhara

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see shraddha jeeps that locket thinking it will be helpful to find the truth. Kosi asks vasu that why is she so serious and vasu says now you will be serious seeing this and gives her papers. She gives them to naman checks papers and says its on vasu’s name and they both get shocked. Naman says that it cant be true as he has the papers and he will bring them. Then thapki says they also had pandey niwas papers when vasu is owner. Naman says that they made fake papers to get this house, and they are copying them.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Pandey family smile and claps and thapki says that they wanted to hear it from him and says that they are not like them to claim other’s property. She says that she got made fake papers to see this drama. Kosi recalls thapki’s word. Vasu asks them to get out from house and they laugh that what is the proof of what he said. Then bihaan says that lord is the proof and I will bring it. He climbs on ladder and breaks the matki, there is a recorder in it and falls, thapki catches it. They shows the whole recording and they get shocked.

Bauji and vasu asks them to leave and naman gets angry on them. Bihaan holds his collar and scolds him. Vasu asks kosi to take her all the things belongs to her and leave. Kosi says that she will take what she wants maybe then she not need to go then. They leaves and thapki asks vasu that why is she so worried.

Bihaan throws jaiswal board and fix pandey family board warning them. They shuts the door and do the aarti, Vasu praises thapki and gives Prasad to shradha and she hides locket in her hand and goes. Vasu then asks shrdha that what she is hiding and she says nothing, and vasu asks her to come with her to do arrangements. Shradha thinks she missed to get that locket, and thapki takes the bag which has locket.

In next episode we will see in next episode that bauji asks vasu to forget that all. Kosi says that she will be back and truth will come out too. Thapki asks vasu about locket showing it and asks is this kosi’s rights she came to get…..

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