Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th July 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode: Bihaan Gets Shattered Thinking of Dhruv’s Words

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Dhruv was very distressed due to their fighting over petty issues and his bad and wrong ideas, now he is asking for forgiveness from Thapki, she says to write down all the mistakes he has done till now. He writes everything to her and giver it to him, he states in the statement that, he wants to break the marriage of Bihaan and Thapki, now she has taken the page and kept with him and warns him of not giving him a second chance every again.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Dhruv has done something which is very much dangerous for the relationship for the marriage of both of them and he is waiting till the very evening to let his plan workout on them. Vasundhra was planning for some Rituals, when Suman and Preeti comes to them and told her the secret of Shraddha planning something bad for all of them.

Vasundhra on this says that, she must be worried because she will not be given with a second chance for her mistakes, and will turn out from the house. They all do the rituals of their traditional activity and all were looking very happy both the newly wedded brides were doing their part of work. When after completing all the rituals she finds out that Bihaan is not in the room and gets very shocked to see a letter in place of him in the room.

Dhruv and Bihaan was doing all the things and parts according to the plan, Biaan was quite worried about Thapki to stay loyal to him as she looks and Dhurv hepls him get through this. Thapki gets a call from Dhruv in which he says that your Bihaan is in danger and you should save him, Thapki gets angry over this and warns him to leave Bihaan and make him come bac to him. HE too sends him a video in which Shraddha’s life is in danger, Thapki gets seriously shocked to see him hurting his own wife and scolds him. He gives her choice to save one relation one of his own with Bihaan or Shraddha and Dhruv’s one.

Dhruv has hurt so much and make her cry there. Thapki was very much shocked and in tensed to have this cndition in which she is struck right now. Bihaan was walking on the roas while thinking of the conversation with Dhruv, and he is very much depressed and shocked to see his intentions for him. HE is confirmed now that this marriage just can’t happen now at any cost.

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