Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Dhruv Makes Bihaan Away From Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The episode starts with Vasundhra looking for Shradha. Bau jii says her to come as Shradha is not here. Shradha is still in the water pot. Bihaan is walking crying on road and recalling Dhruv’s words. Shardha wakes up and shouts for help. Dhruv comes there and puts her out. Shradha says that you are going to kill me. Dhruv says that i am not going to kill you i just want to get my love back and i get it today. Shradha felt shocked. Dhruv ask Shradha to come and take rest.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Thapki comes back and ask Vasundhra about Bihaan. Vaundhra says that we are also looking for them. Then they see both Bihaan and Dhruv coming. Dhruv is taking Shardha with him. Thapki gets shocked at Shradha’s state. Dhruv says that she gets fall in rain and her clothes gets spoiled. He ask her to go and get changed. Dadi asks Thapki to complete the rasam. Thapki complete rasam by Bihaan’s help.

Thapki says to Bihaan thanks for helping me. I am lucky to have a life partner like you. I know i gave you much tensions but i just want to be happy with you now. You don’t bless that time but bless me now. She gets to take blessing from him but he moves back.

Bihaan says that i just complete this rasam for my family as i don’t want to hurt them. He says that now i have nothing to give you, no love, no care and not even my name. Thapki gets shocked. Bihaan says that today you prove you didn’t care for my love. You save your friend not me. This shows you don’t have anything for me in your heart. Thapki says that he is not my friend. He just try to make our relation break. She gives that letter to Bihaan and says that everything get cleared by this letter. Bihaan looks the letter and says to her that what did you going to tell me by this blank paper. Thapki gets shocked. Dhruv thinks that how he wrote the letter by a special ink.

Bihaan says to Thapki to tell the truth to his family in two days. If she didn’t do that then he will tell it by himself. Thapki keeps on crying.

Thapki says to Dhruv that you make Bihaan against me but i can’t let this happen. Dhruv says that now no one will believe you. Dadi comes and called his name. He gets shocked.

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