Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th August 2016 Written Episode Recap TPK: Kosi Blames Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see Bihaan makes arrangements done and sankara helps in decorating, naman asks what all this and he says its preparation of their grah pravesh and sankara slips from stool. Bihaan holds her and thapki looks at them. He does their grah pravesh by doing aarti and asks them to come in pooja he kept it for them, they get glad. He says to pandit that he has a imp work and goes out, thapki goes behind him and gets shocked seeing bihaan fixing jaiswal niwas board, removing pandey niwas board. All comes and gets shocked, kosi smiles. He comes inside and sits with kosi saying now start pandit ji.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Thapki prays to god and asks for giving some clue about kosi’s motive. Wind blows and all sees a guy on his bike in speed entering the house and get shocked. Kosi smiles, he removes his helmet and vasu asks whats all this? kosi says to guy what an entry. She says that he is janardhan son of naman and all call him john. She says bihaan to hug him and he likes to ride bikes, they hug and she asks them to sit in pooja first.

John asks kosi that she made pandey niwas to jaiswal house and she says that they all want is bihaan and if he wants to live here so we had to do it. He gives phone to naman and something to kosi, he says that they all know his one organ is not working well, but naman cries and stops him saying that. He says that I will live 100 years happy? he leaves. Thapki gives keys of bike to john and says that she got it outside, he says thanks and asks her that is he has any stammering problem and who is she , she says she is bihaan’s wife and she has this problem from childhood. He asks her to take treatment from special doctors but she says thanks but she needs to deal with amny problems in home first and leaves.

Thapki hears kosi and naman that they will mix something in bihaan’s milk, she goes to talk to bihaan but he doesn’t understands and goes. She thinks that he is in pain but she wont let anything wrong happen to him. In the morning both families have food at diffent table and snkara serves at kosi’s. There dadi send shrada to get sauce from there. John praises food and bihaan says that thapki cooks well. Then kosi shows bhabhuti to bihaan and asks to have it but thapki stops him and eats it saying its something else and all get shocked. Kosi asks will she kill her own son?

Bihaan scolds thapki and says not to blame kosi again and asks to apologize. Thapki says sorry. Later kosi says thapki that she is not so smart and tells that she has seen her so she changed that powder, and she will do what she wants and she kept pooja for his exit from the world, thapki is shocked. Bihaan makes Prasad and kosi helps. Kosi plays shanks and sees thapki signing that only one hour left. All do aarti and bihaan starts getting dizzy and time is 6 o clock. bihaan falls down and all get shocked…..

We will see next kosi asks thapki that what she mixed in Prasad………….

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