Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Shraddha Plans To Kill Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts with Dhruv thinking that he wont let this engagement happen and Shradha gets a call of her dad and she says that she can bear their annoyance and she is happy there and will not come to you because his father says to leave Dhruv’s house and ends the call, she thinks dad is wrong i will not leave this house where i can get this luxurious lifestyle and thinks only she deserves that engagement ring not Thapki.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

On the other side Dhruv heats the heating rod with the intensions to burn the hands of Bihaan so that he will not be able to wear the ring and asks Bihaan to find the heating rod because bauji needs it to heat the water and bihaan starts to find. In the house’s temple shradha goes with a fake diamond ring similar to thapki’s original ring and she changes the original with that fake ring and as she turns vasundhra comes and asks that what was she doing there and the ring falls under the table from her hands in shock and says i came here for pray and goes then vasundhra sees everything is fine here and goes.

On the other side bihaan found the rod and going to pick it suddenly thapki comes and stops him saying its hot and your hands will get burn and when he asks how she knows then she replies see the burning carpet and smoke and bihaan says ohh!! i didnt see and they hold hand of each other and worries about who did this then bihaan says nothing can happen to me when you are with me now smile and they both smile. Suman and preeti goes to house’s temple to wear that diamond ring befoe thapki does and they replace the ring with that fallen fake ring and automatically the real one gets placed in the box then shradha comes and asks that what they were doing there and they leave now shradha tries to find that fallen ring and she thinks its original and smiles after getting it.

Dhruv starts the bihaan’s bike in anger and bihaan comes to stop and asks that where he is going and dhruv says its very imp work for your marriage can i use your bike for that and adds i think there is a problem in it tell me if you know any mechanic then bihaan says that he is himself a mechanic and touches the tyre while dhruv is racing and get cut and he shouts with pain and dhruv says so sorry i didn’t see your hand now lets go to doctor as health is much important than anything else but bihaan refuses to go and asks not to tell anyone in home because happiness of thapki and family is much important than it then after that dadi and thapki comes there with his clothes of engagement and thapki says that why he put handkerchief on his hand and he makes excuse and they leave. then dhruv forces bihaan to cancel the engagement if he is in pain but bihaan asks him to see the thapki’s smile and says this engagement will happen today being confiident.

Later everyone is in the hall and waits for groom and then bihaan comes and dadi says to thapki to make wear the ring first and then shradha says that thapki’s luck is bad she got a fake ring tnen the family jweller comes and checks the ring because bauji asks him to check and he says sorry it was a mistake the diamond and ring both are real suddenly then shradha preet,suman get shocked and at last thapki takes the hand of bihaan to make wear the ring and asks the reason of his sheivering hands……..

PRECAP: Dhruv thinks that i will make thapki to wear the ring and light goes suddenly then dhruv makesthapki wear the ring……….

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