Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online TPK: Dadi Locked In Old Room

Thapki Pyaar Ki

In the last episode Bihaan was about to opening trunk but Thapki stopped him. She said him that those things are valuable for her and her husband belongings are very special. Dadi was inside trunk. Thapki asked Naman to take belongings. Kosi got relieved and asked Thapki to keep the items. Kosi got John’s call and asked him to come soon. Vasundhara told Thapki that she saved old memories but what about old relations. Thapki said that she keep this items to room but Vasundhara stopped her and asked her to keep items in Dadi’s room. Naman asked Dadi to come out. He tied Dadi and asked her to calm down.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Naman said to Dadi that this is her house’s backside and no one came there. Dadi said that her childer will find her. Thapki went to Dadi’s room but didn’t find her. She got the note. Bau Ji reads Dadi’s letter in which she wrote that she went to Chaar Dhaam Yatra. Bau Ji got pandit ji’s call and said that they can’t keep Ganesh Ji this time. Vasundhara told pandit ji that they will place idol before mahurat. Thapki agreed on this.

Kosi came there and said that she will get Ganesh Ji this time. Vasundhara said that they have placed Ganesh Ji every year at home. Kosi said that this time they will get Ganesh Ji. Vasundhara accepted challenge and said that they will place Ganesh Ji. Sankara said that who will get Ganesh Ji before mahurat will place Ganesh ji at home. Vasundhara got shocked to saw the house messed up. Vasundhara, Suman and Preeti asked Thapki to get Ganesh Ji. Bihaan also said that he leave to get Ganesh Ji. Both the families left to get Ganesh Ji.

In today’s episode Preeti and Suman go to get broom from old room where Dad is locked up.

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