Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Thapki Worries For Bihaan

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see the pandey family playing a game in which bauji sings a song for vasu and they asks bihaan to do something for thapki and he says shayari on her and describes her that she is not a angle or fairy for him she is his thapki pyar ki and dhruv comes and gets angry seeing this and thapki holds bihaan’s hand with tears in her eyes and says that accepting the truth of her stammering he loves her and that’s why he is her whole world and love and he wipes her tears and look each other.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Dhruv throws the juice’s glass on the bihaan’s pic in anger and hearing this sound suman comes and asks about that and dhruv replies that he has so much tensions of office and facing a difficulty in work that’s why during a phone call he hit the glass on frame by mistake and tells her that he will get it new and suman goes asking him to take care and after that he cries and says that bihaan will has to die only after that he can get thapki and she is only his.

On the other side vasu tells suman to inform bihaan that she is going to do rasam on well and dhruv hears it, there bihaan gets ready to go to vasu and thapki gives his wallet and keys of bike and also gives a whistle as in locket and he asks her that why she gave whistle then she tells him that whenever he needs her he can whistle and she will be there and he whistels then thapki asks why he whistled and bihaan says that he was checking her and will whistle everytime and leaves, there dhruv asks suman to go to kitchen as her halwa is on gas and is burning then suman says that I have to give a message of vasu to bihaan and he says that he will tell him surely and she leaves.

Then dhruv tells bihaan that maa is waiting for him at the well and gives wrong address and bihaan comes to that well and gets shocked seeing pooja items there and not his maa, then he sees that vasu’s saree is in well and he shouts maaa and takes a rope and teis the one end to the tree there and the another one on his waist and jumps in the well and looks for vasu but he doesn’t finds vasu there and thinks of climbing up and searching her outside and starts to climb then dhruv comes there with a cutter and cuts the rope saying that he did this arrangements of saree and all to do what’s happening and says sorry bihan you have to die and bihaan falls down and shouts for help and dhruv smiles and thinks that now no one will help him and all will take it as an accident, there thapki protects the diya with her hands as it flickers and prays for her bihaan as she worries…….

Precap: we will see thapki asks vasu that where is bihaan as he left to pick her and calls out bihaan

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