Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv: Bihaan Gets Dizzy

Thapki Pyaar Ki

In the last episode Bihaan was holding Thapki. He asked Thapki that where she taking the oil box. Thapki said that the box was not opening so she was taking it to kitchen. Bihaan opened the box and poured the oil in little container. Thapki looked at him. Kosi burnt Sankara’s hand with hot tong. Thapki came there and saw the Sankara’s burnt hand. Sankara said that her hand burnt by the hot kadai. Thapki asked her to go and rest. Thapki said to Kosi that she also know well the Sankara’s hand didn’t burnt by kadai.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Kosi thrown the salt in the sink when Thapki cooks food. Thapki was looking for the salt and Kosi mixed the powder in food. Kosi said to Thapki that she just saving the food from burning. Shraddha was talking to ladies and John came there. Shraddha introduced John to the ladies. A lady asked John to marry her daughter and showed her daughter’s pic to him. Shraddha said that John is not ready for marriage. John said that when he will ready for it then he will tell her. Sankara went to washroom and Bihaan was already there. Bihaan saw Sankara’s burnt hand and asked her about this. Bihaan applied toothpaste on her hand. Bau Ji asked servant to put all wine bottles locked. Kosid heared this and went to Bau J’s room.

Kosi got a bottle left there. Thapki saw Kosi and asked her what she hiding. Kosi scolded her. Naman took food for Dadi but Dadi refused to have. The food seved to guests. Kosi made Bihaan drunk juice in which she mixed wine. The guests eat the food and a lady started coughing. Kosi blamed Thapki that she added chuna in food. Bihaan fallen down. Thapki, Kosi and Vasundhara rushed to Bihaan. Kosi said that Vasundhara added wine in juice.

In today’s episode Naman tell Kosi that they will transplated Bihaan’s kidney to John. Kosi mix something in water and Bihaan drinks it.

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