Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap TPK: Dhruv And Thapki Takes Wedding Rounds

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see thapki goes to storeroom and sees bamboo sticks burnt then she lights a stick again to check them and gets shocked seeing the fire and says it means the mandap is made up of these wax bamboos and can catches fire easily and doubts on dhruv that only dhruv can do this as she has expected from him and goes out and sees bihaan doing rasams in mandap and she runs to mandap to save bihaan.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Thapki pushes dhruv and his stole catches fire then bihaan runs and removes dhruv’s stole and blows off fire and asks thapki that why did she do this and she asks bihaan to move away from mandap as it can catches fire easily and lights a stick to show them and throws it near mandap but this time there is no fire catching then dhruv smiles and asks thapki that what happened to her and bamboo sticks and bihaan asks that why she pushes dhruv just then suman comes and takes thapki away for her trial of bridal dress.

And thapki tries it and suman compliments her and goes then dhruv comes and praises her beauty and shows sindoor and says that she will have it of his name and thapki says that its better to die and dhruv shows her car brakes of bihaan’s car and says that bihaan will die not thapki and she says that you are lying and don’t dare to this but dhruv says that he doesn’t wants to start their marriage with lie so he is telling her truth that she cant save bihaan today as bihaan has gone to get car decorated for you and I failed brakes and he will leave us soon, shradha hears them and thapki runs. There bihaan is getting car decorated with his friends and thapki takes an auto and goes to save bihaan and tries his phone and his phone is in the car so he couldn’t pick it and she is worried, as the car gets ready bihaan sits in it to start just then thapki comes and stops him and he asks what happened to her and she tells him that your car’s brakes has failed and dhruv did this coz he wants to kill you and bihan gets shocked.

There vasu looks for thapki and gets worried not finding her then sharadha tells her that dhruv is trying to break this marriage and she slaps her and asks not to say anything about dhruv but shradha calls him a snake and tells that she is speaking the truth coz he madly loves thapki till now and is ready to fall so low to get her and he has done a lot tries to stop this marriage and he turned mad, then vasu gets more worried about shradaha’s words……

Precap: we will see that thapki sits in mandap as bride and dhruv comes in groom’s dress hiding his face and takes wedding rounds with her……..

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