Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Thapki Takes wedding Rounds With Dhruv

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see thapki tells bihaan about dhruv that he wants to kill him and tried a lot to break their marriage. And now he failed brakes and says that he is not ram as you think he is ravan. Then bihaan says that how can she say this and starts the car to show her that dhruv is ram. And when he applies brakes, he feels that thapki was right and hits car to the tree and screams. There thapki sees it and shouts and cries, saying I wanted to stop you but you didn’t, then bihaan comes in front of her with wounded head and she thinks something and runs to the other side.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

There vasu hears dhruv saying that now he will marry thapki and she asks dhruv that what is he saying. Dhruv tells her that he loves thapki madly and now rectifying his mother’s mistake. Vasu tries to make him understand that they love each other and asks him not to do this mistake as she has done it before and accepted it, dhruv says that she has lost right to say him anything and asks her to leave. Then suman asks about thapki to them as pandit ji called them to temple then dhruv tells her that thapki told him, she is at her mother’s home and will come soon, and asks them to go to temple and she takes vasu with her.

Thapki comes home and tells dhruv that bihaan is alive and says that she has lost in his game of love. She says that dhruv is selfish and can never love anyone that’s why for bihaan’s sake she is ready to do anything he wants and begs him to spare bihaan’s life. Dhruv wipes thapki’s tears crying and says that she is made for bihaan and says go to bihaan, just then he laughs and asks her that did she want to hear this from him but he will not say this. And says that he gets what he wants and he is getting her today.

Dhruv takes a pinch of sindoor and thapki closes her eyes crying. Just then bihaan comes and gets shocked seeing this, and stops him saying that he is unlucky as he had to see this side of his brother but lucky as well as he has thapki who loves him a lot. And says that thapki should not lower her head in front of dhruv, he regarded dhruv as ram so its his mistake. And adds that he is felling as orphan today coz he proved him wrong. Dhruv says that he hasn’t any problem with bihaan even he loves bihaan but loves thapki too, just then bihaan says enough! and challenges him to do anything to stop their marriage but they will get married tomorrow.

Precap: we will see dhruv hits bihaan on his head and takes wedding rounds with thapki taking place of bihaan as groom…….

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