Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th September 2016 Written Episode Updates TPK Recap: Kosi Plan To Kill Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

In the last episode Thapki worried for Bihaan. John saw her and
asker may be he can help her. Thapki said that no one can help
her right now. John said that someone comes to help good people
like someone helping him and giving him a new life. Thapki said
to everyone that she couldn’t find Bihaan. Vasundhara asked Bau
Ji to find Bihaan. Bihaan was taken for operation. Doctor asked
Naman and Kosi that f Bihaan’s only kidney is removed then he
won’t suvive. Kosi said that she can sacrifice Bihaan to save
her John. John came there and Kosi covered up Bihaan. John
asked that why this man’s face covered.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Kosi said to Naman that he is unconscious. John wanted to see
his face but Kosi stopped him. Thapki cried for Bihaan. Thapki
then imagine Bihaan with her. Thapki was talking with Bihaan
and Vasundhara came there. Vasundhara asked Thapki that whom is
she talking. Thapki said that Bihaan was there. Vasundhara said that she have trust on her love and her lord that no one can harm the true relations. Doctor asked John not to worry. John said that the man who is giving him kidney will become his brother after operation. Thapki prayed for Bihaan. Sankara got Shiv Ji idol in Ganesh puja. Thapki with whole family and Sankara prayed to Shiv ji and Ganesh ji.

Doctor took injection and instruments for operation but he got shocked to saw snake over Bihaan’s chest. Nanam and Kosi took Bihaan and left. Kosi and Naman ran on the road taking Bihaan on wheelchair. They got insite their house. The snake saw the puja and left. Kosi hides wheelchair and Naman lifts Bihaan. Vasundhara and Thapki asked Kosi about Bihaan. Naman said that he fainted by sunstroke.

In today’s episode Naman gets Kulfi rabdi. Kosi plans to kill

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