Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th August 2016 Written Episode Updates: Thapki Gets Fainted!

The show starts and we see Bihaan challenging Dhruv to stop their marriage. he says holding Thapki’s hand that no power can separate them and Dhruv gets angry and goes. Then Shradha comes and tells them that no one can stop him now as he go mad in love with Thapki, and we should tell his truth to everyone so that they can stop him.
Vasu comes and cries saying that she will make him understand to not to do this but please they all don’t tell this to everyone else he will fall in everyone’s eye. Thapki, Bihaan, and Shradha asks her not to worry. Next day Poonam comes and greets Vasu, but Vasu is lost somewhere. And Bauji asks her that where is she lost , then Poonam says that she has a lot of burden of marriage that’s why it happens. Then dadi asks Vasu to take Poonam to Thapki. Some friends of Bihaan comes and ask about him from Bauji, Bauji asks them that why they have knife in their hands then they tells they keep it always but will throw now.
Then they meet Bihaan and Bihaan asks them to ensure that Dhruv shouldn’t come in marriage and Bauji asks why hearing them. Then bihaan makes excuse that he has some urgent work. And Bihaan asks them to scare Dhruv by knife and chains if he do something. There dhruv gets ready as groom and sees Thapki’s reflection and talks to her that she will be his wife soon as he will take wedding round with her like bihaan took earlier.
Thapki gets surprised seeing Poonam and meet her happily, then Poonam asks her that why is she worried. Vasu replies that she has stress of having work load from so many days. Poonam says that she doesn’t need to be worried as the whole family is with her. And clicks pics of Thapki and says that she will send them to aditi and krishankant and vasu signs Thapki to smile and they go.
Then we see Thapki comes downstairs and dadi asks groom and bride to exchange garlands, then Bihaan makes her wear jaimala. There dhruv reaches home and thinks of going inside by wearing shawl on his face but stops seeing bihaan’s friens as they were checking face of everyone.There sanjay and Ashwin lift Bihaan to trouble thapki but Bauji asks them not to do this and they drop him.
Thapki makes him wear jaimala, dhruv anyhow enters the house and gets angry seeing this. Dadi asks bride and groom to go and wait for pheras in their room. There Vasu and Shradha talks about how to stop Dhruv and just then he comes. He sees Preeti and Suman coming and says Vasu that she will not tell anything about him if she loves him and hides. Vasu asks them to take Thapki as she will take Bihaan. Then he thanks her and asks her to let this happen and he will forgive her. She cries and stops him that he will see her dead face if he goes to do this but he also put gun at his head and emotionally blackmails her.
Then Dhruv asks Bihaan to give Thapki to him as he used to give toys in childhood but bihaan refuses and asks him to leave. Dhruv and Bihan start to fight shouting on each other and dhruv hits his head with hockey stick, and Bihaan faints. Then Dhruv wears sehra and Bihaan’s dress saying sorry to him. Then Thapki comes in Bihaan’s room and starts to talk to Dhruv as she was feeling restless but he only nods. Then she says that she got understand why he is not speaking cause of sehra and asks him to come downstairs and says that she loves him and leaves. Then Dhruv says I love u too.
We see Thapki in mandap, and vasu comes to take groom and stops Dhruv but he blackmails again and she takes him downstairs and he sits with Thapki. Vasu wishes tahts marriage stops somehow and goes to him to do rituals.  we will see Dhruv and Thapki taking pheras and bihaan lying fainted in his room.

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