Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Dhruv Looks For Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts an we see vasu doing dhruv’s tilak and tying gathbandhan, then they start taking pheras. There bihaan gets conscious and falls down in room, but he tries to come out and and sees thapki and dhruv taking sixth phera, and pandit was saying that in next phera bride wiil walk ahead and they will be husband and wife. Then bihaan shouts stop thapki and everyone gets shocked seeing him there. And he comes downstairs holding his head, and bauji asks that who is groom then? then dhruv gets angry and removes sehra.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

All gets shocked seeing dhruv there and dhruv says that yes its dhruv and he will marry thapki at any cost and for it he tried many things to break this marriage even to kill bihaan but he failed. And says that he cheated all as they cheated him earlier. Then thapki breaks gathbandan and bauji scolds dhruv for what he did. But dhruv puts knife at thapki’s neck and all asks him to leave thapki but he doesn’t. Then dhruv takes thapki with him and makes her sit in the car outside, and thapki shouts bihaan… and bihaan rushes his bike behind dhruv’s car. There vasu cries.

Thapki cries and tells bihaan that he will not be succeed and he says that he is already succeeded and plays song tumhe apna bnane ka junoon………thapki stops the music and they see bihaan following them and dhruv drives at high speed. Dhruv says that he will make bihaan confused and takes a U-turn, and bihaan doesn’t see them. Dhruv scares thapki by driving in high speed towards bihaan and she shout crying. Bihaan calls his friend after looking for them and tells everything, and asks him to go and find thapki at any cost with more men. Dhruv takes her at jungle area and she cries a lot asking him to leave and shouts bihaan.

Dhruv acts and cares for her and says that he is her dhruv not any stranger and tells her that he also doesn’t like to do all this but he had to do this for her. And he asks her that how bihaan can takes place of him in her life as he came by cheating them, as he turns he sees thapki is not there and shouts angrily……………

Precap: we will see thapki runs and sees bihaan away and there dhruv looks for her and gets angry…….

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