Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Kosi Aims Gulel At Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki

In the last episode Dadi was pushing the table fan. Kosi and Naman got angry seeing this. Thapki took Dadi’s blessings by saying that her Dadi is not here now. Kosi got Dadi back to old room and tied her. Kosi then went to Bihaan’s room and looked for the powder. She saw a cloth piece there. She realized that Sankara has taken that powder. Kosi shouted Sankara and asked her to get a hot cup of tea to her room. Sankara got the tea to Kosi. Kosi gave her cloth to keep in her mouth. she dipped Sankara’s hand in hot tea. She asked her that why did she go to Bihaan’s room. Sankara said that Bihaan was unwell, so she has stoled the medicine.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Sankara said that its her right to take care of Bihaan as he is her husband. Kosi said the Bihaan didn’t marry her. Sankara said that she believed him as her husband by heart. Kosi slapped Sankara and asked her to give the powder. Kosi said her that if she do this again then she will burn her alive. In the next morning Bihaan and Thapki prayed and Sankara stands with Bihaan. Sankara asked Vasundhara about fast for Riddhi Siddhi. Vasundhara said her that the fast breaks by the husband. Sankara said that she will also keep the fast. Thapki asked Sankara about her husband. She saw Bihaan and said that she feel he is with her.

Thapki said that even Bihaan is annoyed with her, he will break her fast. Thapki cooked food and kept hot kadai on the slab. Kosi intentionally hold the kadai and screamed. Bihaan saw this and asked about it. Thapki also asked about this. Kosi said that she was washing utensils and Thapki should have told her this kadai is hot. Bihaan scolded Thapki. Kosi said that Thapki kept fast for him and Bihaan should take care for her. Bihaan said that who doesn’t care for his mother then he will not care and respect for such person.

In today’s episode Suman gives water to Bihaan and the rest leftover water she gives to Thapki. She asks Thapki to drink in and break fast. Kos aims gulel to make the glass fall from Thapki’s hand.

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