Thapki Pyar ki: Kosi Challenges Thapki! 23 September 2016 Updates


The story of Thapki Pyar Ki is going on the same track where Kosi is trying to kill Bihaan Thapki is keeping an eye on her. She tries to expose her in front of all but Kosi gets saved by her sharp tricks. The last episode starts with Kosi and Naman planning again to kill Bihaan. Kosi says to him that I will not get loose like this and I will surely save my John’s life. Later Sanskara comes to them and scolds Kosi to try to kill Bihaan. Kosi gets angry on her and hurts her badly.

After that, Kosi comes to Thapki and challenges her to save her husband’s life if she can. Thapki gets aimed and challenges her back. Later on, Thapki goes to Dadi and felt cry. She tells everything to her and says that how shall I make everyone believe on me. Everyone then come to Thapki and says that you are going on a wrong way as Kosi is Bihaan’s mother and she can’t do anything like this.

thapki-pyaar-ki-23-septemberKosi then goes to Bihaan and serves him food. Thapki gets tensed and goes to eat it first. Kosi then takes juice for Bihaan but Thapki made it fall. Everyone in the house says that Thapki is unnecessary thinking much. They say that Kosi is cruel but she can’t snatch her son’s life. Thapki thinks on for Bihaan.

In night Bihaan is going to sleep on the balcony and is setting his bed. Thapki comes to him and urges that she also wish to sleep beside him. They both then gets close and Bihaan hugs her. Bihaan then takes Thapki inside the room. Now it will be interesting to see that did Kosi is able to kill Bihaan or get expose by Thapki. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Thapki Pyar Ki like this.

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