Thapki Pyar Ki: Kosi Sees Sharadha Alive! 27 September 2016 Written Episode


In the going episodes of Thapki Pyar Ki, it is looking as everything is going to be fine in Thapki’s life. The episode starts with Kosi getting scared and Shradha running behind her to kill her. Kosi then gets hide and starts praying. Shradha threatens her more and says that I will kill you now. Thapki sees all this and smiles at her.

Next morning Kosi and Naman gets sits in the pooja to do Kosi’s husband’s shradh. Kosi then thinks about Shradha and prays that she will get peace and didn’t threaten me more. She then thinks on and then gets shocked when Preeti ask for Shradha. Kosi lies and says that Shradha is going outside and her father is ill. Preeti then about to call Shraddha when Kosi stops her and says that it will not good to disturb her this time.

thapki-pyar-ki-september-2016Thapki and Shradha look at all this and then Shraddha calls Kosi. She threatens her that I will kill you and will not spare you at all. Kosi gets more shocked and shouts to Naman that we have to go from here. Naman says that your plan will get spoil. Kosi says that we have to save ourself and they both starts packing their stuff. Thapki smiles and says to Shradha that your plan had worked now and everything will get fine. Thapki then is about to felt unconscious but Shradha holds her and ask is she all right.

Thapki says that I had felt like this from some days and my reports will come soon. Later on, Kosi and Naman goes to leave and lies to everyone in the house. Bihaan tries to stop them but they both leave in a hurry. Thapki smiles and feels relaxed. She then gets happier reading her report and getting know that she is pregnant. She then goes to tell it to Bihaan but can’t able to say anything.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Kosi and Naman going to leave. Just then Kosi sees Shraddha in a parlour and gets shocked. She says that how she can be here. Shraddha looks at Kosi and gets stunned. Now it will be interesting to see that Thapki’s happiness will get ruined again. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Thapki Pyar Ki like this.

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