The 9th Life Of Louis Drax Movie Review Ratings Hit Or Flop Public Response

The 9th Life Of Louis Drax

The latest of the Hollywood movie The 9Th Life Of  Louis Drax is going to launch today and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Hollywood will go to count an amazing supernatural movie which is full of thrilling and amazing moments and is being directed by Alexandre Aja and the storyline is being written by Max Minghella.

The 9th Life Of Louis Drax

The story of the movie is based on the very famous Novel which is being given by Liz Jensen and is one of the best-selling novels which is of the same title. The movie is starring Jamie Dornan, Sarah Gadon, Aiden Longworth, Oliver Platt, Molly Parker, Julian Wadham, Jane McGregor, Barbara Hershey, and Aaron Paul. The amazing movie which is based on a true novel is having a very amazing and thrilling story which will surely go to give the audience an out-of-the-box experience and that’s what make this movie the most expected and exceptional movie till now.

The story is about a simple kid whose name is Louis Drax and it was his 9th Birthday when something very strange and shocking happened which makes the boy into a curious Mishap which culminates in the boy’s near fatal fall from a cliff where the family went for the picnic on the occasion of his birthday. The case was referred to Dr.Allan Pascal which is being played by Jamie Dornan who searches for all the possible reasons which might be the reason for the circumstances behind the young boy’s accident and the dark coincidences that have plagued his life to this very dangerous stage and for this he chose himself as the testimonial. The star-cast of the movie is as follows:

Jamie Dornan as Dr. Allan Pascal,
Sarah Gadon as Natalie Drax,
Aiden Longworth as Louis Drax,
Oliver Platt as Dr. Perez,
Molly Parker,
Julian Wadham as Dr. Janek,
Jane McGregor as Sophie,
Barbara Hershey as Violet,
Aaron Paul as Peter Drax.

The movie is expecting a very good and amazing response as the movie is having an amazing and impressive star-cast with it which have given an amazing performance too in the movie. The running time of the movie is almost 108 minutes and will go to release on 2nd September 2016.

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