The BFG Movie Worldwide Box Office Collection Gross Business Report

the bfg

Big Friendly Giant is one of the amazing film and the most awaited film of the year 2016. The film is full of adventure and with an amazing story. Big Friendly Giant going to make you to have a ride of your past and your childhood.

The story and the characters played are quite interesting and impressive as well.  The BFG is the story about the a little girl who is including in the main leading role of the film her name is Sophie. She always lives a simple and saver life and always wants to be happy. Once upon a time Sophie had find a Giant human who is following her and she got to know that he is following her from so long.

the bfg

Big Friendly Giant is the film about an London Orphan who is gets connected by the BFG. There are many of the other big giants where he had landed. That place was called as the land of Giants. The BFG Big Friendly Giant is getting happy and rather he is sad too because of the other giants as more of them are so rude.

They are not like the normal giants they are more scary and can make anyone afraid of them. Then Big Friendly Giant brings Sophie to his giant land he had made her safe from the other giants.

All of the other giants don’t love the life of people they love to eat general people and they call them as a human bean. Other bigger giants are looking for Sophie while she is hiding herself with Big Friendly Giant. The BFG done a great job here he takes her into his pocket and made her hide from other. The other bigger giants can’t even think that Big Friendly Giant is having a child with him and he is hiding her.

The movie BFG is filled with natural acting and the adventures the audience really loved the film and had a great interest in the film. However the audience of India doesn’t got engaged in the film as they have many choices for them. Big Friendly Giant was released on more than 3360 worldwide and  have a great experience.

The film had done a great collection of $77.6 million at domestic box office, but ultimately film had earned $373.9 million globally and the makers of the film are really happy to see the response of the audience towards the film.

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