‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10: TBBT Latest Spoiler Updates

The Big Bang Theory season 10

‘The Big Bang Theory ‘ season 10 release date is September 19 on CBS. The premiere episode will reveal Sheldon and Alfred’s conversation, Penny caught between mom-brother tension. Episode 10 is titled ‘conjugal conjecture’. Penny, Leonard ,and Sheldon talking about Alfred and Mary are shown in the beginning.

One can guess after watching the spoiler that a lot of drama is sure to happen between Sheldon and Alfred, whilst Penny and Leonard go through their second wedding anniversary.Penny will also face her own family problems because of tension between Penny’s Mom and brother after she picks up her mom Susan, brother Randall from the airport. Randall has been in and out of jail because of selling drugs ,it put a lot of stress on her mom. Penny and her father will get into this mother-son issue. The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady ,both executive producers along with Steven Molaro.

The Big Bang theory TBBT

All the three are also head writers. Unexpected love is blooming between Alfred and Mary, rumored lovebirds. Alfred had differences of opinions with his wife over Leonard’s marriage . Alfred started  to bond with Mary due to these differences. There is an  awkward silence on their arrival in boys’ apartment.

Sheldon confronted Alfred asking if he did sleep with his mother.Alfred replied that they only had drinks and pleasant conversation.The premiere episode will give Alfred and Mary the opportunity to wipe dirt on what the status of their real relationship is.

Sheldon shows the interest to end up as brothers if their parents pursue the relationship. Leonard calls the idea ridiculous and tells that they won’t be stepbrothers. Penny will share a funny scene with her family in the car,while her mother is pondering over what Leonard’s parents will think of them.

The Big Bang Theory season 10 starts with an awkward incident in the lives of Leonard and Sheldon. It’s really very awkward to know that they may actually become step brothers if their respective parents carry on with their romantic endeavors.

The Big Bang Theory season 10

Now it is to see how the two science geniuses cope with the embarrassment of their parents’ involvement and what will be the effect of this on their friendship. They may amend their roommate agreement to handle this situation or may eventually surrender to their parent’s wishes and acknowledge those.

In this season ,Howard and Bernadette are to start their family by having their first child. It still has not been confirmed if it will be the last season of this popular series. There are speculations of this being the last as all major actors contracts valid until the end of season 10. However, the president of CBS gave a hint that series is bound to go beyond season 10.

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