‘The Big Bang Theory’ TBBT Season 10: Episode 5 “Spoiler Alert” Break-up Of Amy & Sheldon!

So guys season 10 is out now as we all know to be careful the  post contains spoilers for episode 5 season 10 .

Living with Sheldon has always been a tough task. In the previous episode, Aym and Sheldon decided to come in a” living in relationship” well that makes sense as Amy always wanted things to go further in their relationship.

The Big Bang Theory season 10During the last episode of “big bang theory” Season 10, Leonard  got lucky and Sheldon says yes for the thought of him and my living in together. As him being a great scientist he accepts the challenge and tries this new experiment with himself, but this does seem that this cohabitation won’t work , as they start having problems in the first few hours only. This is a turning point of the show that will the couple stay together after this experiment the fights and quarreling among makes everyone wonder.

As Sheldon is a control freak and he does not want anyone to change anything as he has arranged ,Amy with the entry in his flat has now all the accesses to his life. Will seldom let that happen ? well, right now the main fight is due to the bathroom timings in there flat.

Thus Leonard and penny (as being the love experts in their group) will again take a step forward and come in between and will try to separate them from each other, for good ? we don’t know yet but that final that they both will be separated and that is a very disturbing news for Shammy fans.

House Sheldon threatens Amy with a break-up if the bathroom issues are not resolved .So there is no other way left for any but  she has to settle down for his ways only, as Leonard has for the past some years.

For a success relationship Amy has to surrender but eventually they will find a funny solution for this too . This season is going to be a good thriller for Shammy fans . As Bernadette is pregnant and Haward and berny both, they are staying home for the day, But there will be  a new guest soon to intervene their stable and romantic life .with all these suspense and Drama the new episode of this season is going to air next week

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