‘The Blacklist’ Season 4: Episode 3rd Reveals Many Secrets Of Past! “Reviews & Recap”


This season is going to bring lots of revelation and they will definitely go to clear out many doubts. However, McGrath’s allies turn down all the cops and kill them and this makes red furious for mainly two reasons.

Now McGrath is aware that someone is behind him and second the families of the cops have to bury their loved ones because of Post Office’s incompetence. The Post office is already having a very hard time searching for the train and when they get to know that McGrath has already built a second rail line. Now in the season 4 of ‘The Blacklist’ and the episode 3 red which is being portrayed by James Spader, and the Post Office finally rescues Liz Keen which is done by Megan Boone from Alexander Kirk which is portrayed by Ullrich Thomsen.

the-blacklistBut when Liz confronts Red and asks him to include her in his plans to track down Kirk and Agnes, Reddington refuses to give her information because he still doesn’t trust her after the whole after the whole plan of fake death stunt which is being excellently played by her in the last season.

The member of Post Office gets wind of Mcgrath, who they find out to be a child prodigy. McGrath takes sample 17 while Halleck gets the rest of the infectious substance, However, he tells her that he has someone in mind to hope he find Kirk’s whereabouts.

Then they create a scene in the FBI’s office to steal the agent’s ID and also they break into the office to take photos of the case files and steal some of the evidence which they took from Kirk’s house.

Red shows up just as Halleck and his team clears up their possible clues which might be left there and to pretend like McGrath flies off with the best proofs. red then orders McGrath to call up Kirk and arrange delivery point for the sample.

Liz then recalls the memory of her mother writing these things in her journal, including how Red has asked Katarina to Take Liz with her and get away with Kirk. The Post Office gets ahead of Red and does this with the help of two Scotland yard detectives.

Then upon’s Red recommendations Tom is hired by Halleck which is being done by Manny Perez, which is the leader of an Elite heist team that is in charge of McGrath’s latest venture. When red finally tracks down McGrath, he doesn’t think twice before shooting the latter’s sidekick.

Now McGrath uses the money which he got from suing Princeton for kicking him out to invest in criminal activities. Liz Mother’s Journal were too in the items which are being stolen by him. However, Kirk was not there when red gets to the location. However, Liz’s daughter is still in the grip of Kirk and he is not in the mood to give her back soon.

But in the diary, her mother has shown her secret w=side which she was hiding from her, that she was in love with Red and their affair is too discussed in it. Meanwhile, Tom portrayed by Ryan Eggold and Liz s doing some quite serious investigation of their own.

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