‘The Blacklist’ Season 4: Latest Spoiler Update Episode 2 ‘Mato’ & Upcoming Highlights


Blacklist season four spoiler is there and could shed light on Liz’s real dad. Its an exciting news for fans , the new season is worth the wait. The last season ended with two bolts from blue. The first one is that Liz (Megan Boone) was alive and second one was that Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) announced that he is Liz’s real dad.

Now fans are keen on knowing further revelations as it is expected that premiere episode will be full of revelations. According to the spoiler released of episode four of ‘Blacklist’, Liz will get to know about her past in the upcoming season. Her history will go into Red’s (James Spader) past and will introduce us to that. Secretive and mysterious character of red will soon be uncovered. After its exposure fans will get into the depth of this character and will get to know more about this.

the-blacklistBlacklist season four premiere telecasted last thursday. The season 4 is going to tackle show’s most enigmaic question that is Liz’s identity.  Fans were excited and surprised to know so many revelations in the debut premiere. Blacklist season four airs every thursday on NBC. In the premiere episode Alexander Kirk told Liz that he is her dad and details followed. In the premiere

In the premiere episode Alexander Kirk admitted that he is Constantine Rostova .  He admitted he is husband of Katarina Rostova, who is Liz’s mom. He told Liz that initially Red and Katarina had affair.

The Blacklist season 4And Red thought  that he is father of Katarina’s child. But actually Kirk was the real dad and the child was kidnapped by Red for taking a revenge. He further told that he only want his daughter safe and away from Red. He is hoping that Liz will understand him. Meanwhile a Reddit User speculated that Red is Liz’s real dad and he gets Liz to save her from Fitch and KGB who wanted Red and Katarina dead There are many twist and surprises in the story. Some of the fans see something romantic between Red and Liz.

If Alexander Kirk is Liz’s real dad then these fans are atleast relved. But at the same time Alexander Kirk may be telling truth. And if not so then what is the motive behind this is yet not clear. what is the actual relationship between Red , Liz and Kirk is a mystery till now. Fans have lot of excitement and questions in their mind. Is Alexander Kirk is telling the truth? what is their relation? Will Red be able to save Liz?


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