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The Disappointments Room

The horror movie is one of the most favourite genres of the Hollywood and it shows the exceptional talent of releasing the most ‘Terrifying and horrifying’ movies in the whole world. The latest movie The ‘The Disappointments Room’ which is released today in the U.S. and the movie is being directed by D.J Caruso while the story is being penned down by Wentworth Miller. The movie is starring an elite star cast who have given their most amazing yet terrifying performance as the movie have required, the name of the stars in the movie is Kate Beckinsale and Lucas Till. While the movie’s name is enough to scare away those faint-hearted people out of the theatre, the movie is still scary for most of those courageous hearted too.

The Disappointments Room

The movie story is about a ‘The Disappointments Room’ tells the story of one family’s who have a terror-filled encounter within their own lovely home. While they were looking for a fresh start, Dana being played by Kate Beckinsale and David, together with their 5-year old son Jeremy, they move into their dream house, which is a very beautiful old rural home. There is a very big secret which is Hidden within the attic was a secret room. There are certain frightening and unexplainable events starts which lead Dana to discover the long lost key to this room, she accidentally unlocks an  of unimaginable horrors that reveal the house’s past is terrifyingly tied with her own.

The movie is having a very great story and events of the terrifying event have been made very amazingly, while the major points have been highlighted very impressively. The production on the film began on September 8, 2014, in Greensboro, North Carolina. On October 20, Kate Beckinsale, Mel Raido and Michaela Conlin were filmed outside buildings on South Elm Street in Greensboro. The same buildings were used for exteriors, but the interior filming for the scenes represented by those buildings took place on Fourth Street in nearby Winston-Salem.

All in all the movie is a great treat to the eyes for the audience, while the movie is having a very great competition with ‘Sully’ which is releasing next to this movie. Let’s see which movie becomes the best of the audience and got the best reports of the collection. Stay Tuned to The News Recorder for all the latest and updated collection reports of Hollywood movies and latest released Worldwide movies.

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