The Flash Season 3: Caitlin’s Mother To Come In “Monster”- Episode 5th {Preview & Synopsis}


In the Third Season of Flash “Flashpoint,meta human” things are heating up which makes this season more interesting & curious, as the universe change in the effects of flashpoint continue to felt across the CW’s Arrowverse. But it takes a turn the things are not heating up they are going to take a cold turn as Danielle Panabeker’s as Caitlin Snow has begun to reveal the metahuman abilities as comparable to her Earth-2 counterpart as she becomes Killer Frost.

As seen in the premiere of the Flash we saw that Caitlin Snow comes with cool new super powers, now she about to take a step closer to becoming Killer Frost. It is going a big problem to all which covers her own universe & beyond. The plot review for the upcoming fifth episode “Monster” of Flashpoint  revealed that her estranged mom appears this time.

caitlin-snowAlso looks that this time, Barry has to face the lot of challenges whatever comes after the return of Caitlin mother. On this Todd Helbing comment that “You have heard snippets throughout the show so far that how her mom is pretty cold. When you ever meet her exactly now what the Caitlin is talking about & how her dynamic works.

Also able to see that how this long term effect on Caitlin”. Caitlin is calling her mother for help while growing with Meta Powers, it desperate to understand that what is happening to her & then visits her mother Dr. Tannhauser who is a renowned biomedical researcher.

caitlin-snow-2Hoping that her mother gives reasons for her growing Metahuman powers, however, her mother treats like her test subject Caitlin grows cold & brings up past wounds. Meanwhile after the most meta-human attack Central City.

caitlin-motherAfter this, Barry tries to convince Julian to let him assist on the case. It doesn’t sound like a reunion that there are too many positive effects for Caitlin or for the Extended cast of the Flash. As now a new reviewed for this episode confirmed that things will be going definitely colder, as sounds that Tannhauser’s lack of motherly could push snow ever to the dark side? It will be a shame to lose Caitlin from the team, but these events make the Flashpoint a different world.

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