‘The Flash’ Season 3: Caitlin’s Transformation & Alchemy’s Identity Gets Unveiled! Episode


The entry of flash’s mother is the huge twist in the story, Caitlin Snow morphed into someone vicious, the appearance of Caitlin’s mother is not permanent but for some time being .

Is she here to solve the mystery behind Caitlin’s growing meta-human powers? on the oct 18 episode of “THE FLASH” season 3 titled “Monster” after the transformation and random mutations in Caitlin , she seeks all those and from her mom(Dr.Tannhauser). As she being herself a well known Biomedical scientist.

flashflashThe signs she is showing right now is of her becoming killer frost, even they both are not on good terms she still goes to her help but that doesn’t seem to end well , the problem is never solved but has gotten worst.

The relationship has never been a god one between them from season 2. her mother was first to know as the resident bio- engineer at S.T.A.R labs who has personally met the killer frost who’s traits Caitlin is showing now.

Killer frost does have a history with her mom but the very taciturn relationship they had now that the mutating of Caitlin is a great example right now .This is a very big Que how Caitlin is having traits like killer frost that can lead us to many conclusions.

But this time Dr. Tannhauser will be seen on the screen more often in season 3 as she is the backbone of Caitlin’s storyline her past is the main interest of the viewers now , that’s why the character is expected to gain more screen time.

The Flash 3×03 Promo Season 3 Episode 3 Trailer:

It has been revealed by the producer of “The Flash” (Todd Helbing) that the real score between Caitlin and Dr. Tannhauser will soon be understood eventually .The Fash ( barry Allen) is slowly losing his ally,what would he do ?. Barry offers Julian ( Tom Felton) to help find and to the circumstances ,the space of the new meta-human assaults in Central city.

Will the new killer frost become a threat to the city and to Flash or this will be a great help? to discover that “The Flash” season3 airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. CDT and CW .

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