‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 3: ‘Magenta’ Reviews & Episode 4 ‘New Rogues’ Trailer Debut Of Mirror Master!


A new villain has added up to the accelerating line up of villains called as “Magenta” quite mesmerizing name huh!. As this is just the beginning of this season The flash is just settling into the new status quo.

This year for all the Team flash problems Dr. Alchemy is playing the role of the catalyst,the fallout of the Flashpoint isn’t as dramatic as we all believed it would be. The new opening villain of this series “Magenta” is played by Fargo’s joey king, she was embellished quite a bit compared to the source material.

The New RoguesMagenta seems quite dedicated and very frustrated villain that’s means hard to fight to, she has Pathos to spare as she is portrayed basically a confused, battered teenager led astray by a creepy dude in a bad Halloween costume.

She is playing her part very nicely she does make you believe that she is a sad and broke teenager Frankie Kane and on the other hand dangerous Magneta. Barry being a gentleman and preventing from the situation where he has to punch the teenager in the face but he is smart enough to win the battle with live and not with his heavenly superpowers.

This does give Jesse Quick a nice debut to her first superhero team up with flash. With her entry in this team up there is an entry of harry wells as an overprotective father who is preventing his daughter from entering this superhero world, but this does seem that this is not going to work at all.

the-flash-3As per the story going both the father daughter duo is going to be seen for little more while now . Among all this action barry still had time for Iris and a romantic night out, even after getting interrupted by the metahuman activity he comes back to her.

Wally acted really childish on the event of Jesse getting the powers not him he almost ended up having a traffic accident. This confirms that the romantic plot we were expecting between Jesse and Wally is not going to happen now but this could also turn out to be something Interesting this envy of his can create a very nice twist to the storyline.

The character of Tom Felton ( Julian Albert) is becoming ” not so interesting” character now as he is just playing a cold-hearted jerk but nothing else hoping for an unpredictable change for this character by the writers than the obvious reveal that he is Dr. Alchemy.

Here are is the Trailer:

  1. The Flash | The New Rogues Trailer | The CW


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