‘The Flash’ Season 3 “Flashpoint” Reviews & New Episodes ‘Flash Paradox’ and ‘Big Mistake’ Trailers


“The Race of his life” the last episode of “FLASH” season 2 does not end on a great note as its final few minutes is considered as the served Terrific Cliffhanger.

The mother of barry Allen who is one he loved most is going to get kill by his enemy but they don’t want to loose him, Stoped Reverse-Flash and travelled back and saved his mother from getting killing. It’s confirmation come in the last of the summer & it becomes the main heading of its third season. The season 3 kicked the with Episode titled “Flashpoint”. It being loved to watch the perfect world see an ambitious, multi-part adoption of Flashpoint comic that incorporated all four of the CW’s Dc shows, not just flash. All The heroes are forced to unite and help Barry undo the terrible mistake that he is going to rewrite history.

the-flaash-season-3-episode-2the-flash-season-3-episode-2-tom-feltonIt is going massive turnover by kicking off their all four how to their new seasons. It is not going to happen that is revealed by the rest of gang and Greg Berlanti from last few month’s, this makes flashpoint most recent and intimate affair it comparing to Marvel comic “Civil War” also have same based idea but seem much different or unique idea and execution is more contained as the shows that the many costumed characters come alive on the small screen for all up and downs of Barry Allen.

Also looks that the “Flashpoint” didn’t give a superhero team or a post-apocalyptic ravaged by the Amazonian War but the Balley’s emotional action towards his mummy enemies looks great. The many of the strongest moments of Barrey’s with his parents has been showed. The call in the “Welcome to Earth 2” saying goodbye to his mother in “Fast Enough”.

They were feeling good that something good happened to Barry Allen. After the darkness in the season 2, it was nice that Barry are smiling and peace for a change. He is lost all his old life,their relationship with Joe,Iris,Cisco and Caitlin were gone.

But there is the good beginning of his new life that he regained his parents. continuing to the Defend central city, and given his own place to “Kid Flash”. Not that seeing a mortally wounded wally isn’t a good motivator,but the story could have used more that what is going the most important decision of Barry’s life.

In the end “Flashpoint” is going smaller intentionally but a more interesting story that tells in the source material. Seems pretty rush character of Barry Allen in 45 minutes show. Looks very impressive season and take the caring character of barry in this season.

Here’s the new trailer of the upcoming Episodes of The Flash Flash Paradox and Big Mistake:

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