The Flash Season 3: Latest Revealed Trailer & Exclusive News Of Tom Felton’s Character Julian Dorn


Flash landed a brand new extended trailer for its season three of DC’s Series online. The trailer offers a whole new reality. The Flash Season three trailer explains how Kid Flash is going to be involved in the reality altering fallout from the events of season two. The official description of the episode is as follows.

Barry’s parents are alive and Barry is living his life the way he wanted. He has asked Iris West on a date as a normal boy as he now is. The city has got another speedster, Kid Flash , who is running around  saving the city.  Barry starts forgetting parts of his old life then there is Reverse Flash who taunts his nemesis and tells about the serious repercussions he is going to face along with his loved ones if he continues to live in alternate universe. Besides losing the memories , his powers will also start diminishing. Now it’s Barry who will have to decide if he wants to continue to live as Barry Allen or will return to his universe as Flash.

tom-felton-the-flashThe premiere episode of Flash is Flashpoint. This episode is based on results of action Grant Gustin Barry Allen performed in last moments of season 2. The series released a new trailer followed by the previous one. The Flash Season 3 trailer reveals an alternate reality and a second Flash. Fans will get first look at Wally West as Kid Flash and new villain doctor.

The new season moves around an alternate timeline created by Barry Allen at the end of season two in which there is second Flash running around. Barry has to make some difficult choices as he was impelled to do that, as to which timeline he chooses as his power begins to fade away.

tom-felton-the-flash-2The movie version of Flash is set to release in 2018. Grant Gustin is back for the lead role. Despite the acclaim he has received for his performance , he is not reprising the character for the movie version of Flash. The CW’s DC universe is different from the one developed for the big screen by Warner , in which Ezra Miller is in the casting.

The Latest Extended Trailer of the Third Series is all out and its quite thrilling:

Flash season three premiere will debut on The CW on Tuesday, 4th October 2016. In the UK, it reaches sky 1 on Tuesday , 25th of October.

The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramo, Tom Cavanagh as Dr Harrison Wells and Jesse L. Martin as detective Joe West.

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