‘The Flash’ Season 3: Premiere Reviews “Barry To Lose His Power Again” Check Out To Know Why?


The Flash which is going very amazingly and getting a very great love from the viewers while also the viewership always stays high in this matter. The show which is very known for getting high and consistent critical acclaim and with every single episode it airs, while just before the kicking of the second season of ‘Supergirl’ which will going to count its premiere on the CW for the very first time.

‘The Flash’ Season 3 will going to finally go back on the television. The very famous and very much expected plot of the story which always ends up by taking away Barry Alen’s Power will still go to happen in this season’s story too. It’s not very old when all of Barry’s power was sucked out by Zoom and he was left with no powers at all, but thankfully to the members of the S.T.A.R labs who helped him out to bring back his powers and they, all did this through a particle accelerator. The latest news confirming about the upcoming season is that ‘The Flash’ season 3 will going to be loosely based on the seminal comic book series which is named as ‘Flashpoint’ The Comic Book arc, which is being written by Geoff Johns and is known for presenting an altered Universe of the DC Penthalon.

the-flashpointWhile the already confirmed news about Barry, that he will go to go back in time to save his mother from becoming murdered by his father, while the news about the death of his father was already confirmed that his father will go to be killed by Zoom in the previous season.

the-flash-5The whole plot will go to create a lot of ripples that will surely go to felt even in the other superhero series and shows of the CW. As the confirmed news about The Flash Season 3 is that the show will be aired starting on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:00pm ET on the CW. While all the latest news, reviews, Recap and updates about the series will be updated timely on the site. Stay tuned for all the latest and upcoming news updates about the season 3 of The Flash.

The latest teaser trailer for the premiere of The Flash season 3 is given below:
While there are so many assumptions for the upcoming series, still you can give your ideas about the storyline or the plotting of the story and we will love to have theories from your side about the upcoming series.

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