‘The Flash’ Season 3: The “Paradox” Mistake Have Become More Worse Now! ‘Episodes 2 Synopsis & Reviews’


The Last episode of Flash season 3 is quite impressive as the show counts some very great and amazing moments when Flash tries to fix his mistake which he has done by creating a flashpoint paradox which is affecting him right now.

While the mistake was made by him for betterment for his life but now it has created many big and silly problems for him, in the last episode as we saw that the timeline was altered by him for saving his mother from getting murdered. But as he does this to save his mother, he altered the timeline, while creating a flashpoint Earth where his parents are living happily but everything else was not normal at all. After he gets to know about his mistake he tries to clear it with the help of arch-nemesis, the reverse flashes to correct the timeline.

paradoxNow, after knowing that he has corrected all his skates, he is now he thinks everything has gone back to normal. But the things hasn’t changed a bit, and while trying to fix his mistake he has done another big mistake which doesn’t seem to get an end.

The today’s episode which is titled as ‘Paradox’ is all about his skates which he was done and the timeline which again has been altered and making the doubts of the viewers clear that this will go to have a drastic and dramatic effect on the upcoming episodes and this whole season. The episode has been written by Aaron Helbing and Todd Helbing while the episode has been directed by Ralph Hemecker, which is started by exploring the skates and effects which the reality is going to get revealed with its after effects.

Among these changes, the episode also brings Julian Albert being portrayed by’Tom Felton’ as his new co-worker who will be working on a crime scene and the investigation at the CCPD. The flash of earth-3 and Barry’s father, Henry Allen’s doppelganger, promising yet another team-up of the speedster and upcoming memorable moments between these two.

This is even accepted by him that this mistake of creating an altered timeline is very big one, while he was trying to fix the mistake he created an even bigger mistake in the life to his known ones. Now Joe and Iris is too much angry and has talked to their father because he tried to hide their mother’s still alive, while Cisco’s brother is dead and this news literally broke him.

the-flash-season-3-episode-2-tom-feltonHis new co-worker which is being played by Julian ‘Tom Felton’ is also a meta-human and CSI-specialist and they have been sharing the lab for a very long time, and the romantic moments between Iris and Barry never happens. The mistake is getting worse with the time as he is not getting the right way to correct or fix the timeline or mistakes which he has done.

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