‘The Flash’ Season 3: Tom Felton In & As CSI Julian Albert {Latest Debut Featuring Pics}


Flash season 3 is going to air and fans are very much excited with the return of series. The update which got more attention than any other is signing of Tom Felton on to the show. Fans are just freaking out after having first look at Tom on the Flash.

Entertainment Weekly has issued exclusive photos, speaking to both Tom Felton and Andrew kreisberg. Andrew Kreisberg is executive producer of the series. The duo didn’t tell about any possible spoiler for season 3. However they talked about Tom’s previous work on Harry Potter. They also showed hope that his past work will work itself into the DCCW-verse. Tom expressed his happiness and excitement for his reference to Harry Potter. He also said with reference to Cisco Ramon’s love for Wizarding World Puns that he is very sure of the talent and creativity of writers. EW debuted two new stills from the second episode of Flash season 3. It is titled Paradox and is featuring central city CSI tech Julian Dorn.

the-flash-season-3Andrew also emphasized how significant tom’s role is by saying that Tom Felton is portraying a character, he is not portraying Tom Felton on the show. Little bit of meta moments can be there. The actor is going to play Julian Dorn on the show.

This character is rival to Barry as a fellow CSI expert. When they work together Julian become suspicious about Barry as he found him not an average guy. From his past roles, fans are anticipating him as one of the main villain of Flash season 3. Fans are figuring him out the man behind Doctor Alchemy. The character has become second iteration, earlier it was an upstanding biochemist at S.T.A.R.

The cast of Flash team is silent about its baddies so fans are to just wait. One thing is clear that Julian and Barry will have clashes on the show. At first they will have slightly abrasive relationship.

The Flash is going to be aired on october 4,at 8 p.m.on CW. Tom will not be seen in the premiere episode. His appearance is sometime later on the show in this season. Not more is known about Julian Dorn aside from the fact that he is rival to Barry. Julian is additionally described as smart and as well as equally intuitive.

Some tension is expected between Julian Dorn and Barry Allen on the Flash but still its not clear how their dynamic will develop over the course of season. Felton is set to debut in episode 2.

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