‘The Flash’ Season 3: Will Going To Have A New Tom Cavanagh’s Dr. Harrison Wells From Earth-2!


As the Flash season, 3 made its return on Tuesday night on the CW with a whole lot of surprises and not so good reviews and expectancies too. The problem seems to be tackled by Tom Cavanagh who will going to play a new version of Dr.Harrison Wells in the upcoming episodes of Season 3 of ‘The Flash’.

The synopsis of the upcoming episodes clearly shows that the show will going to have a new Wells which will going to reprise the character from Earth-2 and the makers have confirmed that the new one will not going to be in the new season is not going to look like the one we come through in the last season. In his one of the latest interview, he confirms that the new Wells will going to add some very great and remarking Humor to the show, while the role is going to be played by Tom Cavanagh, and he is all set to took the role while marking his comedy skills too in the character.

dr-wellsThe role will also going to add up some humor to the role of the Flash and this news is being confirmed by Flash himself. The role of Wells which is going to be the fifth time of Cavanagh himself and everytime he has got something different in the show.

This time, too he is expecting something quite different which will going to be remembered by the viewers and it’s also a privilege for him too to have the role done perfectly.

dr-wells-2While this exceptional Canadian actor has done some very great role in the series like the Eobard Thawne, Reverse Flash, Earth-1 Wells and now he will be comprising the role of Earth-2 wells and to the Hannibal Bates’ Version of wells.

wellsIn the flash Season 3, there will be more facets of Wells because of the “Flashpoint Paradox”. While regarding the Musical crossover which will going to take place between The Flash and The Supergirl, Cavanagh revealed that there will be one and it will go to be a musical one, and too that the show is going well and finally along.

But the biggest thing which is coming in front of Flash and is going to create a very big problem for his present which is the ‘Flashpoint’.

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