The Kapil Sharma Show 8th October 2016 Online Updates: Anil Kapoor Comes With Mirya Star Cast

The Kapil Sharma Show

In The last episode of The Kapil Sharma show he welcomed two of the very amazing and talented actors of the Bolly which is John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha who have come on the show to promote their movie Force 2 which is one of the most amazing and action-filled action movie and a sequel to a hit and thrilling movie.

The Kapil Sharma ShowThe show which has counted some of the very finest guests and personalities on the show has once again got the very lovely and hearty welcome by Kapil who is also known as the king of Indian Television comedy and one of the finest artist of India which has also done so many foreign visits and shows, now the show has shown some very great viewership and the show has shown the most highest TRP this week ad has topped the Tv shows of last week with the most TRP and audience engagement with the show.

The show of Kapil is breaking all the records and is showing a major growth everytime it airs on the channel and as he welcomes new and famous characters in the show it also brings a lot of audience on the show which is a major part for his TRP, but the biggest thing is that because of his unmatched talent, which brings something new and humorous on the show whether it is the talent or the characters on the show.

This time, too he brings one of the very famous Diva Sonakshi Sinha and the smart dashing and muscular hunk John Abraham on the show. While the show starts with a very amazing stand-up comedy of Kapil and then he got accompanied by his co-characters.

He is also very famous on the social media for his exceptional talent. While in the last episode John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha come to promote their upcoming action movie which is having so many action scenes not only by the action hunk John but also with Sonakshi Sinha who has done something very great on the show.

As he also gives the audience to meet their favorite stars and has a live conversation with them on the show. So today’s episode will go to welcome the star-cast of Mirza and along with them, Anil Kapoor will going to come on the show alone with the stars Harshvardhan Kapoor and Saiyami Kher in lead roles along with Anuj Choudhry, Om Puri, Art Malik, K. K. Raina, and Anjali Patil in pivotal roles.

The basic premise of the film is inspired by the Punjabi folklore of Mirza Sahiban. So guys don’t miss this amazing show which will go to bring a lot of humor and comedy for make you forget all the stress and tension of the whole week.

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