“The Lucifer” S02EP03: 10th October Synopsis & Previews “Amenadiel Is Going To Loose His Wings”


The “Lucifer” second season Episode 3 has been titled “Sin-Eater” investigating yet another case featuring Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar. Is Amenadiel about to become a mortal? or is it something threatening for his existence? as he is losing his wings slowly.

Recently released the teaser of Episode 3 of “lucifer” second season. Lucifer and Chloe have reached the crime scene and seen that men hanging by his neck with an apple stuck in his mouth, said previously by them. Quickly guesses by the Chloe that a serial killer is going to loose and could be a possible threat to the community. As Lucifer warns Chloe that not get into the murdered case as it traps him into the chain,but he approaches the murdered victim.

lucifer-episode-3The mom of Charlotte, lucifer and Amenadiels’s is also featuring in the 3 episode of “Lucifer” second season. She is going to follow her arrival and mischief on the earth goes by the name Charlotte Richards. Revealed by the Lucifer that his mom possibly looks like someone in the near future.

It Bothersome lucifer that the Charlotte’s is going to recall as it previously shown in the second episode of “Lucifer”second season. Worried her both sons Antics & Mischief.

In the third episode, she will try to convince lucifer that they are not going to cause any problem. Amenadiel the another son of Charlotte is also set to reunite.

Looks that the Amenadiel is slowly losing all the feathers in his wings,conjectures that he is becoming the Mortal. Others also guessing that he is could be on the brink of death. Also,Charlotte is hesitated to see her son asked to meet him.

What is going to be happened with Amenadiel the arrival of Charlotte’s do something with him or not? Is Charlotte’s going to cause more problems and troubles to her sons? Is the Existence of Amenadiel in Danger? is he is going to losing all the feather of his wings? what’s going to happen with him? So figure out all the answers on October 10 at 9P.M. Monday airing of “Lucifer” season 2 Third Episode. For more Queries or Updates stay connected with THENEWSRECORDER.

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