‘The Night Of’ Review: A Murder Mystery Movie Expected Box Office Collection

The Night Of, the creators of Steven Zaillian and Richard Price, The Night Of is an eight-part is a limited series which includes a story of a ficticious murder case which is held in New York City. In this series, police investigation and legal proceedings , and they all analyzing the criminal justice system and the perdition of Rikers Island.
The Night Of is featuring John Turturro and Riz Ahmed and they are directed by Steven Zaillian and James Marsh.It is executive- produced by Zaillian, Price, Jane Tranter, James Gandolfini, and Peter Moffat and co- produced by Garrett Basch, Nancy Sanders and Mark Armstrong.
the night of
All the scenes of the film was took around Manhattan, and this series is based on the BBC’s Criminal Justice, and created by Peter Moffat.  Here in the series it is showed up that their is a guy who’s named Nasir, or Naz , is an Pakistani- American college student, who is living with his family and all the members of the family are staying together , His father Salim, mother Safar and his younger brother Hasan, they all are living in Queen, NY.
Naz is just invited by a huge fan of his school’s basketball team, and he is just got thrilled at that time, Naz was invited by him to a night party on that night in Manhattan. Naz decided to left his key in the taxi only, which is co-owned by his father, as his friend Amir bails on driving him into the city.
He took a cab without letting his parents know about. Driving Downtown, Naz is just crouch by a young women, named Andrea , who just jumps into his cab and prompt Naz to take her on a trip around Manhattan and she wants to visit every place of Manhattan.
He just leave her at her place on the west side brownstone, and he started getting a fantasy of meeting end up with Andrea, as he just caught up by the cops for murder which is just held within few minutes after leaving her. These are the selected scenes of the series The Night Of and it is going to be hit as the story concept is so superior and suspenseful  . 

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