‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8: Latest Updates On Nina’s Character & Premiere Episode Dates


The Vampire Diaries has recently released the synopsis of the season 8 and its given away by The CW, while the title suggests something very interesting the show will going to count on some very great and amazing moments to be in the upcoming series.

The news has confirmed that Vampire Diaries will no longer go to feature its bloody tales but according to some news officials the audience can have the experience and will going to have ended in a very giant and monstrous sized entertainment. While the last season ended on a very thrilling and suspend filled ending where the audience was left with a unnamed Villain that has  taken over Bonnie Bennett’s Men which are Enzo and Damon Salvatore, while it was teased that the first scene of the upcoming series of “The Vampire Diaries”season 8 will go to see Bennett against all odds to stop them from killing innocent people.

the-vampire-diarieswhile he will be accompanied by his brother Stefan Salvatore, so we are going to see two brother together namely, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The biggest highlight for the season will go to be the showcasing of the demonic side of Damon Salvatore and he is up to his old tricks again.

The season 8 of the diaries is going to be a very amazing and thrilling treat for the fans who have missed seeing the dirty tricks of the Damon Salvatore which is being portrayed by Ian Somerhalder. The season will go t have more of the demons fun as he will not be alone who will be doing the dirty tricks in the season.

This time, Anzo will go to be seen as his partner in the season as the season will going to show Enzo and Damon in an action duo who traps the young couple from the road and take them to their human slaughter house.

So here’s the airing dates of this upcoming great story which are 21st October, Friday at 8:00 Pm on The CW. while the expectancies for the upcoming season is on the verge for the fans.

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