The Voice India Kids 1st October 2016 Episode Updates: Baba Ramdev Teaches Yoga To Kids


The amazing show is back with some of the very finest in talented kids and their amazing performances on a single stage which are known as The Voice Kids, While the show is being judged by three very talented and renowned singers of Indian origin and have shown their exceptional talent throughout the world.

The three judges are Shekhar, Shaan, and Neeti Mohan, these three are very famous and remarking singer who have given so many songs and albums in the Indian industry. So as the show started to search out the hidden talent which never gets a chance to show their courage on a national reality show like The Voice Kids, and the biggest thing is that all the participants are just kids and not above 16 or 18.

the-voice-india-kids-baba-ramdevSo the show begins with some of the very finest auditions and then all the finalist which are selected and shortlisted from the final one are on the show to give the best performance and make their place in the finals. The episode of started with the performance of Nistha who is from the team of Neeti and she has given an outstanding and remarking performance in front of the judges getting their lovely praises.

The next performance is of Srishti Rawat who is also from the team of Neeti Mohan and she too has given and amazing and awesome performance, while the live orchestra remarks and reforms his performance much more.

Then the next performance is of Tiyasa from team Neeti who is also a very talented singer and is trying her best to show his talent on the show and this time she is very much successful in doing it. Then the next performance is of Mismi Bose and she is from team Shekhar and has managed to keep the reputation of his team and team leader through her performance. The next performance is of Riya who is also from Team Shekhar and has shown an amazing performance which is duly appreciated by judges and got praises from the audience.

Then the next performance is of Srishti Chakraborty who is also very much talented and amazing singer and is from the team of Shaan and has made his team and team leader proud over their choice of taking her in their team.

The next performance is of Shanmukha and him and gave an amazing and awesome performance this time while still marking his excellency in the show and his talent. The whole show was a very great treat and shows some very finest and amazing performance throughout the show.

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