The Voice India Kids 6th August 2016 Online Episode Epic Performances

The Voice India Kids

One of the most amazing show has counted world as it’s performances and has hosted in more than 9 different nations. The show which is based truly on the kids talent and which has make it’s place to one of the top entertainment shows of Indian reality Tv shows. The show is one of the biggest entertainment and talent hunting show has begun and it is just have an unexpected performances and performances. The show which has got more than just a singing talent show, the show have kids who can do much more than just singing and have the guts to shake off even the most talented singers. The show has its very first show on 23 July 2016, has shown it’s worth and talent on the very first show. The show is right now auditioning the kids for selecting them in their group.

The Voice India Kids

The show is basically based on the original Dutch version of the program created by John de Mol and is part of a wider international franchise. The series employs a panel of four coaches who critique the artists’ performances. Each coach guides their teams of selected artists through the remainder of the season. They also compete to ensure that their act wins the competition, thus making them the winning coach.

There are basically three stages where the kids have to go through to make their way to the finals and to get selected in the show. Th first one is:

The Blind Auditions The first stage is the blind auditions, where the artists have to sing in front of all the judges. In this round, each coach selects 14 singers for their team. Four judges who are looking for their team and they have to choose teams of contestants through a blind audition process. Each coach has the length of the auditioner’s performance about 90 seconds to decide if he or she wants that singer in his/her team.

Second Round: The Battle rounds in which Each team of singers is mentored and developed by its coach. In the second stage, called the Battle Round, the coaches of the team develop their artists, by giving them advice, and sharing the secrets of their success in the music industry.

The third one which is the live Shows: The third stage, ‘Live Shows’, is where the remaining 7 members of each team would be performing solo and trying their best to entertain the audience and impress the judges. After Round 1, each of the coaches can save 3 contestants to progress, after Rounds 2 and 3, each coach can save 2 contestants to progress and after Round 4, each coach can save 1 contestant to progress to the Semi-Final round. The remaining contestants progress through Public Voting, which is conducted after every round.

Semi Final: In the Semi Finals, the final two contestants of each team face off against each other. The judges then split 100 points between the two performers of his team. The winner is decided by the combination of Public Votes received and points given by their respective judges.

The Final, the winner which is chosen out of the final four contestants one from each team is chosen from the results of the live public voting results.


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