The Voice India Kids 8th October 2016 Online Updates: Watch Family Special Episode

The Voice India Kids

As the Talent is getting more and more chances to showcase their exceptionality on Indian television and is getting more and more chances to give and show the nation what they are capable of.

The Voice India Kids is one of that show which gives the participants the chance to showcase their talent and compete on a national show which is very famous and is being judged by some of the very finest and talented personalities like Shekhar, Shaan, and Neeti Mohan. The show has done the auditions and now they are having the show is having the competition one between the selected participants, while the show is having a very tough competition between the contestants, the show is having a very tough competition between them.

The Voice India KidsIn the last show we come to see the elimination of Ridipta and Shanmukha who got eliminated from the show and now as today is Saturday the next elimination is going to take place and we will go to see some very great and amazing performances tonight.

In this episode, we will go to see the parents of the participants on the show as the special guests on the show. In the last episode, we saw that Pooja Insa and Shrishti Chakraborty who are from the Team of Shaan, Shrishti Rawat, and Saanvi Shetty from Team Neeti and Shreya Basu and Riya from Team Shekhar were got into the Unsafe or the Danzer zone, Sent out by based on the Public Votings.

While the points are being given by the public voting. The news has come that Srishti Chakraborty and Riya Biswas eliminated from The Voice India Kids Singing reality show.

Srishti Chakraborty (Team Shaan) and Riya Biswas (Team Shekhar) eliminated based on the Public Voting results. This will go to effect the team of Shaan and Shekhar as they are going t lost their one more team member and the biggest thing is that Neeti has all the 6 participants saved on her side and now the show.

The Voice India kids have only 10 participants left of which 6 is of Neeti’s Team and this is going to surely bring more and more challenges in the show as the show is moving ahead so is the level of competition.

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