The Voice India Kids 9th October 2016 Episode Updates: Battleship Between 1 Boy & 5 Girls

voice-of-india-kids 7th August 2016

The last episode of Voice India kids is full of energetic performances by the kids which make everyone fascinate and steals away the heart. The Little kids are taking the show high day by day for their fantastic performances and amazing talent. The show had to get the maximum success till now and gets in  highlight with maximum success.

Amazing talented kids which a surprise every week by their performances and amazed the judges and audience as well. It is really great to see the judges interaction with the kids which takes them to the high level and make their performances superior. In the last episode, we had seen that Riya and Shrishti get eliminated from the show which is quite shocking as the two kids are amazing and give melodious performances till now.

The Voice India Kids

This is again repeated when kids get eliminated from Shekhar’s and Shaan’s team. On the other side, all the six contestants in Neeti’s team had maintained their positions till now.

The last episode with full of fun and emotions with a spice of some magical performances by the kids. We had seen Nishta who had sing so well and also gets a surprise from her father who had come to meet her. The power packed performances by the kids led the judges to get up in their seats. The performances were amazing and it was also amazing to see the family members of the three judges who reveal their secrets. Shekhar’s parents sing for each other and share some pictures as well.

Vishwaprasad and Mismi bose give a very great performance and gets huge apetalous by the judges and the audience as well. The show is  now turning to the finals and there are 1 boy and 5 girls. So today we are going to see some more energetic performances by the kids which will make you forget all your sorrows. So  don’t ,miss to watch the ultimate kids and stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of The Voice India Kids like this.

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